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Issue Reporting for Cities and Towns

Does your city or town have a system that allows for reporting of potholes, downed power lines, or items in need or removal? Some do, but it's either an out-of-date online system or a series of infinite phone trees.

CityFix's goal is to become the primary resource for citizens and visitors to find, report, and track city-related issues.

Have a pothole? Just go to, pinpoint the exact location, and send it off to the respective city for reporting! The best part of all is that you can view at which stage the report has ended up at, which can also let you know whether the city or town officials are actually doing their jobs!

Manage, Track, and Match your food with crowd-sourced recipes

"I have lots of ingredients to make food, but I don't know what to eat" may seem like a joke to some, but it can really be a serious problem when your pantry and cupboard are filled with this, that, and some of something, it would help to know what you can make with the ingredients you have left.

FridgeNinja has set out to just that: match the ingredients you have with recipes, supported by our users, to show you want you can make. And as an additional bonus: it helps track what you have in your pantry and cupboards!

WNC Local
Helping increase business to Western North Carolina

There are many different businesses in Western North Carolina, ranging from local farms to galleries to restaurants to museums. However, there seems to be a large gap in online communication and exposure for these small businesses, usually by a lack of funds and education.

WNC Local has set out to change that: bringing the best features of Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google Maps, and more together in a "easy to use, one-stop location". WNC Local offers the ability for anyone in Western North Carolina to have their own business page with emphasized photos, links, descriptions, coupons, maps, and more.

Auto gathering, filling, and filing of forms for businesses

Making the start-up process for new businesses easier, Zoomiform gives the new business owner everything they need when starting a business (new business forms, legal forms, demographic/economic information, location status, etc), and even automatically filling out the forms for the new business owner!

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