Update: We are Moving!

Things were working well for our previous space, but it turned out that "creating" our new space was going to be extremely costly. To put it in perspective: roughly $12,000. That was money that neither we nor our landlords could afford for just creating the new space.

So, in order to keep prices down and our expansion going, we have been upgraded to D-2, a 830 sq. ft. space with a 2nd floor (+270 sq. ft) to pretty much do what we want with.

Here are a few photos to offer an insight to what we will be working with:

Long view from upstairs (door to window)
Long view from upstairs (window to door)
Long shot from the window
Shot of the upstairs
Small closed-off space for....napping?
A better window view!
View from the hallway door
View of the upstairs
View from the back corner
View from the sink/door

And if you like videos, here's a video tour (no audio):

Plans are to perform construction during the evenings, and office operations should begin on January 1st! Yay!

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Oct 30, 2012 3:01 PM

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