Shadow Dev Celebrates 8 Years

It is October 15th, yet again! Which means that it is our birthday! As much as we want to celebrate this big achievement, we're afraid that there won't be a big party this year. Let's save that for next year.

As we turn 8 this year, let's take a moment to reflect on the past years ups and downs:

  • We upgraded our office from the 200 sq ft to 900 sq ft, which was nice for the 8 months that we had it. Due to some problems, we had to move out of the newer office and move to a virtual office. Not to worry: things aren't all bad.
  • We had to lose our BBB Credentials due to budget constraints. Although we had an A+ Rating with them, we had to discontinue our membership.
  • We moved our hosting server to a primary dedicated server located on-site. We had a bit of chaos over the past few months with our hosting providers, but that should all be fixed now.
  • We have changed directions of our primary business model. As in previous blog postings (and here), we have moved away from creating and designing client websites (for various reasons) and migrated towards designing and developing SaaS services. More details are in the blog postings
  • We have a new site design! Yes, we have upgraded our site once again to reflect our new direction. This new design should be more mainstream and more modern, allowing for flexibility with more modern devices and faster loading. We are still working out the final kinks in the design's code, but it should be 99% operational.

We would like to assure everyone that "we're not dead yet!" Some people think that just because we have a new design and don't have an official office anymore that we have decided to pull the plug on the whole "business" idea. That is not the case - we have just simply changed directions due to certain circumstances over the past year.

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Oct 15, 2013 2:41 PM

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