Lower Rates = Faster Info

Thanks to some in-depth analytics studies and some MySQL query improvements, we have been able to reduce our response rate 78.5%! In simple terms, "response time" means how long it takes for the server to generate a page and send it to the user (you). In today's world, the faster something can be requested and received, the better. Lower response times means youget the information quicker (like getting a package in about 24 hours instead of a week).

This is only a portion of the improvements that we are making around the Shadow Dev site. By using the combined efforts of CloudFlare.com, Pingdom.com, Google Analytics, web server load reduction, code optimization, centralized functions, and studies done with NoSQL (via Netflix - slides here), we've reduced the server response time from an average (past 30 days) of 3315ms to 713ms (a 2601ms reduction of 78.5%). Here's a chart (via Pingdom) of the response time over the past 30 days:

Response Time

We will keep working on improving server response time along with increasing site uptime and decreasing dowmtime. Our best response time over the past 5 years has been around 300ms.

Along with 99.9% Uptime, we should be able to offer a <500ms response time as well pretty soon for our customers!

Side Note: Ironically, we made many of these adjustments after our server outage on 4/20. To our surprise, they worked so well, we kept almost all of the changes.

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May 3, 2011 8:27 PM

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