Congress backpedals on SOPA

The Anti-SOPA support is working! Voters have raised enough awareness that Congess is finally listening and backing down. Although the fight isn't over yet, it's looking good for the public and protecting the "Freedom of Speech" right.

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Many companies support SOPA, and we are among those who fully oppose it [original blog post], including Mythbuster's Adam Savage.

Since Congress was scared about the SOPA bill not passing, it seems like they don't have a choice now but to listen to voter choice and determination. In reference, after reddit members raised $15,000 in 48 hours for [Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)'s] anti-SOPA challenger, Ryan came out with a clear statement of opposition to the legislation. [source]

In review: if SOPA passes, it means that the government will have the right to shut down any website that has copyrighted images displayed on it without permission. Although we are in support to give credit where credit is due, we shouldn't give the government the right to nuke the Internet for a few copyrighted images (which is what will happen, not literally of course, but many popular websites, like Facebook, YouTube, Google, and even will be shut down because of this law). To show how ridiculous this law is, the author of the SOPA bill is a copyright violator for having a photo on his website with a landscape in the background that he didn't get permission to use (even though someone he knew took the photo).

Do your part to protect online freedom, and don't forget to give credit where credit is due.

SOPA image credit Mediaite

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Jan 14, 2012 4:23 AM

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