So long, and thanks for all the fish!

March 4th, 2014
Tombstone for Shadow Dev After 8 years* of operation, it has come to the decision of the Shadow Development board to officially close our doors. It is a sad moment for all of us while the last bits of "Shadow Development" dissolve into time.

Memory Lane

When we first started back in a college dorm room in October of 2005, our 5-year plan was to expand out of the college and move into our own building, maintaining a full-fledge staff, and helping fulfill our overall mission of "Making the Internet a better place." In 2007, when we officially received an official office space, the dream was coming true. We hired on some more staff and began stretching our market far and wide. We soon became "Better Business Bureau" Accredited, which is a big deal for us! We got our own toll-free line, Shadow Dev shirts, and even had our own booth at trade shows! Everything was great!

As time moved on and we had various staff members arrive and leave, it left us with the notion of "What are we doing?" After reassessing the mission of Shadow Development and meeting with our Board on multiple occasions, it was determined that we also needed to create some web-based services, so we did.

Changing Direction

When we reassessed our "5-year plan" from 2005, we weren't close to where we expected to be. Therefore, we reached out to the market and said "What can we build for you?" While the market didn't specifically list what they wanted, we tried our best at creating web-based services that could be universally accessed, used, and helpful.

With the growth of mobile devices and mobile technologies, it was imperative that our staff learned how to develop applications for these mobile devices, but we had other "more important" matters on our minds.

2013: The Roller Coaster

In 2013, we upgraded our office space and changed our staff routine, and had a grand time: larger space meant more desks, an actual "break" area, a dedicated meeting space - everything we didn't have in our old office. We even had an increase in our client base, which meant more income! Everything was going great, until about August...

In August 2013, a slew of mishaps occured. We lost the majority of our client base for some unknown reason, our "friendly" hosting company decided to bump us, and our landlord's boss told us everything short of "get out of here." So we tried to recover from the client loss, found a make-shift hosting solution on the cheap, and migrated into a "Virtual Office." It wasn't too bad, but we lacked the "Professional Environment" that we had grown to love over the past 8 years*, and that was only the beginning.

As the down-spiral continued, it occured to us that we didn't have enough support, resources, or even dedication at this point to continue. Honestly, we thought that we could just keep hanging on for as long as possible, but there are a lot of signs that kept telling us "Get out." Therefore, we are closing our doors. A very, very hard decision, but one that must be made.

No more?

So, as of March 4th, 2014, we are closing our doors for good. No more toll-free line, no more business address, no more logos, no more trade shows, no more email addresses, no more marketing, no more training, no more meetings, no more "Shadow Development".

What will become of us?

Frankly, we don't know. It's really a shock to us to see something that we've worked so hard for go down the drain. In comparison, it's like having a child: you birth the child, make sure they have a good plan, pay for their clothes/toys/education/etc, teach them how to drive, and watch them grow. When they leave, it really breaks your heart. This is the same concept: what our team at Shadow Dev has done over the past 8 years* really hurts us all to see it dissolve away.

We wish everyone that we have serviced over the years good luck in their endeavors, and for everyone that has supported us: Thank you!
Thats All Folks!

*Technically, 8 years, 4 months, and 17 days (or 437 weeks, or 3062 days, or 73,488 hours, or 4,409,280 minutes, or 264,556,800 seconds). Regardless, it's been fun while it lasted!

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Mar 4, 2014 10:00 AM

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